Charleston, S.C. - Is It On Your "Bucket List"?

Posted By Georgia Bell @ Oct 24th 2012 12:24pm In: Charleston

There are many places in this great country of ours that should be on everyone’s “bucket list” to visit at one time or another. Check them off your list. The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Monterey California, Hawaii, and the list goes on and on. Those are the obvious ones that everyone knows about. But every now and then you just might hear about a place that didn’t make everyones list. Write this down. Charleston, South Carolina.

Why Charleston, S.C.? Let’s start with the climate. Almost perfect. Warm, tropical breezes pretty much year round. Southern charm, gracious living, recreational options for any lifestyle, historical adventure, and probably the best Farmers Market you have ever seen! Oh, and let’s not forget the palate. Truly some of the best food on the planet, whether you cook it yourself or experience some of the finest cuisines anywhere. If it’s diversity you are looking to experience in a setting befitting almost any lifestyle, you just found it.

Some of the most beautiful, waterfront homes imaginable are located in and around this glorious community they call Charleston. A style and charm that will take you back to a place you thought didn’t exist anymore. Slow down and enjoy life in a way you and your family may have only dreamed about. Wake up, it’s not a dream. It’s Charleston, South Carolina.

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