Looney Valley - is Charleston SC another San Francisco?

Posted By Georgia Bell @ Sep 20th 2009 9:10pm In: General

While I really doubt that we could ever be another San Francisco, we do have some similarities

San Francisco started out as a sophisiticated, conservative, city of commerce

Charleston SC is sophisticated - southern style - conservative (in some ways) and a city of commerce

Do we have a Harry Aleo??

Harry Aleo lived in San Francisco and only recently died. One of his favorite quotes was his declaration that his REAL ESTATE office was "an island of traditional conservative values in a sea of latte sipping liberal loonies"

He had one of the oldest real estate offices in the city of San Francisco.

I look at our old line offices in our fair city and I ask myself the question "Do we have any Harry Aleo's?"

Oh, I think we do

Hats off to folks who shake up the status quo -While Harry had many who would have called themselves his enemies while he was living, in his death, now they are calling to make his office a museum!

Life is funny, isn't it?

Make a stand. Say what you mean and mean what you say, no matter how popular or unpopular you may be.

You never know how you  will be viewed after you are dead

Let's make a difference!



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