Shouldn't I wait to buy? Isn't it too soon to buy right now?

Posted By Georgia Bell @ Sep 25th 2009 10:18am In: General

Many buyer's are in a paralyis by analysis mode right now. Afraid that the market is going lower and believing that there are just so manyproperties on the market right now, they don't feel any urgency to buy now

If you are feeling that way, I think I can help you

If, for example, you are looking at Charleston, SC to purchase a property., I can get facts and more facts for you - including statistics that will be helpful - to help you have a firm grasp on the market.  Armed with figures and facts, you can feel much more certainty about your purchase.

Low interest rates is so much more important right now than mst people/buyers realize...Rates are now at late-1950's levels  They have nowhere to go but up If they go to an entirely plausible 7.5% - which is still low -prices of properties would have to go down by about another 20 % to make up for the difference in their monthly payments.

We are not predicting prices to fall by another 20% at all!

And don't foget about the first time home buyer tax credit which has a deadline coming up very soon!!  All in all, When you look at the facts, it really is th time to buy - now!


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